J M Envirofuels (Barry) Limited - What you need to know

Application Reference: PAN-006045

Applicant: J M Envirofuels (Barry) Limited

Facility: J M Envirofuels (Barry) Limited, Berth 31, Wimborne Road, Barry Docks, Barry, CF63 3DH

Application has been ‘Deemed Withdrawn’ (updated 24 August 2020)

The applicant did not respond to an information request by 17 July 2020 and we have deemed the application for a variation of their permit to have been withdrawn.

The applicant was notified on 23 July of our decision and had 15 working days to appeal to the Welsh Ministers i.e. by 13 August 2020. The applicant has not submitted an appeal by 13 August, as such the original deemed withdrawal stands. Our determination of this application has therefore concluded.

Background to our information request

Following our own assessment of the application and of the responses that we received to the public consultation (which closed on 9 February 2020) we requested further information from the applicant. They were issued with a Notice on 24 April 2020 requiring the provision of the information within two months and this was subsequently extended until 17 July 2020 following a request from the applicant.

Details of the variation application

The operator, JM Envirofuels (Barry) Limited, currently holds an existing standard rule permit (SRP 2011 No 4) for the storage and treatment of waste wood for recovery (up to 75,000 tonnes per annum), although this only allows up to 10,000 tonnes of waste to be stored at any one time and for a maximum of three months.

The operator has applied to vary its exiting standard rules permit to a bespoke permit and proposes the following:

  • To accept other types of non-hazardous household commercial and industrial waste, including metal, glass and plasterboard.
  • To accept and store ash produced by energy from waste facilities. This is non-hazardous ash collected from the bottom of a furnace, following the process of heating wood fuel.
  • To increase the amount of waste the site is allowed to treat and store annually.
  • To increase the amount of waste the site can store at any one time, and how long it can store waste on site.

The application was “Duly made” on 10 September 2019. “Duly made” means that we considered it was in the correct form and contained sufficient information for us to begin our determination. It does not necessarily mean that the application contains all the information we need to complete our determination.

We held a public consultation relating to this application, which closed on 9 February 2020. We considered this application was likely to generate a high level of public interest, therefore in accordance with our Regulatory Public Participation Statement, we took appropriate steps to raise awareness of the application to help facilitate responses to the consultation from the public and the community.

We held a public drop in session on 9 January 2020. The purpose of the drop in session was to help us explain the application, our role and answer any questions about the application process, thereby supporting an individual to then submit an informed response.

We consulted with other bodies as per our working together agreements. Listening to others helps us to make better decisions. We make use of the expertise of others and make sure we have taken into account all the environmental risks.

We consulted with the following organisations:

  • Vale of Glamorgan Council - Planning Department
  • Vale of Glamorgan Council - Environmental Health Department
  • South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
  • Cardiff and Vale Local Health Board
  • Public Health Wales
  • Associated British Ports
  • National Grid
  • Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
  • County Ecologist

Correspondence relating to our consultations can be found on the online public register. Consultation responses from these organisations have been placed on the online public register.

All documentation submitted in support of this application, including a copy of any notices served and the subsequent responses are available via our online public register.

Where can I read more?

Read the application documents on the online public register.

Read our regulatory public participation statement.

This page was updated on 24 August 2020.

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