Our decision to issue a licence to allow the release of Beavers into a secure enclosure on at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve

The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust submitted an application for a licence to release up to six beavers into a purpose-built enclosure on the Cors Dyfi nature reserve which is managed by the Trust. A species licence is required to release Eurasian Beavers into either an enclosure or into the wild in Wales.

We have decided to issue the licence having been satisfied that the enclosure and beavers will be operated to appropriate standards and all the legal requirements will be met.


How did we come to this decision?

We came to this decision after thoroughly assessing information supplied by the applicants and consultation responses.

The determination of the application included a range of assessments including management operations, disease risk and site monitoring. Assessments were also made on the enclosure and its maintenance and the resources and procedures in place in the unlikely event of an accidental escape.

The applicant supplied a Veterinary Risk Assessment (VRA) which was shared with the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer (OCVO) for Wales. This disease risk assessment has been assessed and approved by the OCVO.

In line with our protocol on High Public Interest HPI applications, we held a full public consultation on a draft version of the licence. Using feedback from consultation responses, we requested additional information from the applicant before making changes to the licence before issuing it.

Read more about how we approach HPI applications.


Does this mean that NRW will support any application to release beavers in Wales?

No. Each application will be assessed on its own merits.

We decided to issue this licence after we were satisfied that the site will be operated to appropriate standards and all the legal requirements will be met.

If – in any future application - we are not satisfied of these matters after assessing all relevant information including that supplied by the applicants, we will not issue a licence to release beavers.

The Wildlife Trust Wales have also submitted an application to NRW to undertake a five-year pilot project to release beavers into the wild in the Dyfi catchment.

This application is separate to the enclosure release application for which permission has been given and will be subject to a public consultation later in the year.

See the licence document and our permitting decision document on our Release of beavers into an enclosure at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve page
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