Marine and coastal physical processes assessments

You may need to carry out physical process assessments if you are undertaking a marine project.

The guidance relevant to you depends on the size of your project.

Large-scale projects

For larger projects which need an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), our guidance helps inform the design of your survey and monitoring strategies, and the application of numerical modelling.

Examples of major marine development projects include:

  • Port and harbour developments
  • Aggregate extraction
  • Power stations (including nuclear)
  • Offshore wind
  • Other renewable energy developments such as tidal range or tidal stream
  • Sub-sea cables (especially where they make landfall)

Read our guidance on marine physical processes and the Environmental Impact Assessment (PDF)

Small-scale projects

If your project is smaller, then detailed survey and modelling may not be required.

Examples of projects or activities that could use this guidance include:

  • Minor works to coastal infrastructure
  • Beach re-profiling & sediment recycling
  • Clearance of drainage channels & outfalls
  • Seaweed harvesting
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance
  • Ground investigation works

Read our guidance on completing a coastal or physical processes assessment for small-scale projects (PDF)

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