Information on woodfuel 'land criteria' 

Woodfuel guidance version 2 (Feb 2017) document sets out guidance on how to comply with the woody biomass land criteria (as defined in the RO, RHI and in CfD1 contracts). This ‘Woodfuel Advice Note’ is accompanied by two further documents to make up the ‘Woodfuel Guidance’. The ‘Woodfuel Mass Balance Approach’ and ‘Risk Based Regional Assessment: A Checklist Approach’ build on the detail set out in this document and explain, using examples, how a mass balance approach or a risk based regional approach can be used to help comply with the woody biomass land criteria.

This information is provided to support our partners in the woodfuel and biomass sectors. However, please note the following:

  • We sell Forest Stewardship Council® FSC® and PEFC certified primary wood and wood products harvested from the Welsh Government Woodland Estate. Our Forest Stewardship Council® FSC® licence code is FSC-C115912 and PEFC licence PEFC/16-40-1003.

  • Some of this is subsequently converted to biomass by other producers in the supply chain. We do not sell biomass directly and therefore are not registered on the Biomass Supplies List. Our FSC licence code is FSC-C115912.

We are unable to respond to any queries on this issue – contact information for relevant organisations is provided below:

Biomass Suppliers List (BSL): provides advice and support regarding the authorisation process to the Biomass Suppliers List. It also provide guidance and information about Green House Gas criteria. 

CPET: Central Point of Expertise on Timber offer support to suppliers and generators of woodfuel on how they can comply with the woodfuel land criteria set out in the Timber Standard. 

Ofgem: can help answer enquiries regarding the RHI application process. Ofgem also provides advice on enquiries regarding fuel classification.

DBEIS: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is the government department responsible for overall strategy and policy on energy and climate change, including renewable heat and electricity.

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