Apply for a flood risk activity permit (FRAP)

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Use this service to apply for a flood risk activity permit.

Before you start

Find out what information you need to prepare for your flood risk activity permit application.

You also need to know:

  • applicant details
  • about the landowner
  • any pre-application reference
  • proposed start and finish dates
  • about the proposed works
  • how the works will affect the river or flood defence
  • site location - including a grid reference
  • any planning permission reference 
  • who will be responsible for the site during and after the works
  • payment details - calculate your charges



We will normally make a decision within 2 months of receiving a complete application and correct fee

If we have any concerns, or anything is missing from your application, we will contact you. This may affect the agreed timescale.

Get more help with your application

We provide a one to one advice service to help you understand legal requirements when undertaking certain activities and assist with the application process.

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