Apply for a permit to produce hydrogen by electrolysis

All forms of commercial Hydrogen production need a permit.

If you are producing Hydrogen by electrolysis and you meet the conditions below, you can apply online.

You will need to provide less information and we will process your application more quickly.

When can you use the quick permitting process?

You can use the quick permitting process if the hydrogen is produced by:

  • Polymer electrolyte membrane
  • Anion exchange membrane
  • Alkaline electrolyser using with Potassium Hydroxide or Sodium Hydroxide as the electrolyte solution.


You use electricity from

  • sustainable sources
  • the national grid or
  • onsite electrical production at a permitted installation.

You are abstracting less than 20m3 of surface water per day or already have a permission to abstract surface water of a greater volume.

All wastewater is discharged to sewer or collected for disposal off site.

You will not produce more than 1 tonne of non-hazardous or 10 kg of hazardous waste a day.

You are not storing more than 1 tonnes of hydrogen at any one time.

If you're not eligible under these conditions you'll need to apply for a bespoke permit for an installation

Documents you will need to provide

  1. Map of the site
  2. Sewerage undertakers agreement for any discharge to sewer
  3. If you are storing hazardous substances a baseline report
  4. Survey of site condition
  5. Overview of your Environment Management System
  6. Evidence of the abstraction permission if relevant

If you answer the questions in the application form and pay the fee required, your application will move immediately to consultation. The permit will be issued following consultation.

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