Apply to change to, or vary, a standard rules waste permit

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Use this service to change to, or vary, a standard rules waste permit.

Before you apply

You need to know:

You then need to give us only new or changed information.

Administrative changes

We need the new details and a brief summary of the changes you want to make.

Increasing site area

We need a new site plan that must:

  • include the site boundary marked in green
  • identify the part of the site you want to do your waste activities or operations in
  • include local features to help us place the site in its local environment
  • include a date
  • be drawn to a defined scale

Adding a standard rule activity

You must tell us which standard rule(s) activity you want to add.

If you are applying to add a depositing waste for recovery standard rule to your permit, you will need to upload a waste recovery plan. We will ask you to summarise any changes made since your pre-application discussion with us.

Consolidating permits

You must tell us the numbers of all the permits you want to consolidate. 


We will make a decision within three months of receiving a complete application and correct fee.

We will check your application and confirm if it is complete, if it is complete we call this ‘duly made’. If it is not complete we may request further information from you. The three month timescale does not begin until we consider the application is ‘duly made’.

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