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In this blog, we look at the exciting opportunity for six people across Wales to become National Forest Woodland Liaison Officers. In partnership with Welsh Government, we are looking for six motivated people to get out into communities and help the people of Wales to create their own woodlands, which could become part of the National Forest for Wales.

What is the National Forest for Wales?

The National Forest is a long-term programme for Wales led by the Welsh Government

  • The National Forest will create areas of new woodland and help to restore and maintain some of Wales’ irreplaceable ancient woodlands. In time it will form a connected network running throughout Wales, which will bring social, economic and environmental benefits.
  • A National Forest that extends the length and breadth of Wales; that can provide many opportunities by planting, growing, and protecting trees. A forest that contributes to decarbonisation goals and the climate change emergency; halts the decline of biodiversity; improves the health and wellbeing of our people and supports commercial business activity such as timber production and recreation and tourism.

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The challenge facing Wales

We know that the planet’s ecosystems have been ravaged for far too long and nature’s precious balance has been altering at an accelerating pace.

But while the window of opportunity to reverse the decline is small, we still have time to turn the tide. Because when governments, groups and individuals commit to working together to protect our climate and reverse biodiversity decline, change can happen.

Creating woodlands is one of the best things we can do in Wales to respond to the climate and nature emergencies. The National Forest for Wales is an important part in contributing to that response and to help us reach the Welsh Government’s target of creating 43,000 hectares of new woodland by 2030.


How this job helps us face the challenge

As a National Forest Woodland Liasion Officer, it will be your job to go out into communities and speak with farmers, communities, and landowners from across Wales about how new woodland can benefit them, the environment and communities.

You will empower and enable Welsh communities to take up the fight against the climate and nature crises.
You will also help people who want to create woodlands on their land with advice and facilitation on sourcing funding, meeting regulatory requirements, and promoting best practice for woodland management and creation.

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