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The climate emergency is something that will affect us all. It’s predicted that Wales can expect more severe and frequent storms, higher sea-levels, and increased rates of coastal erosion in the future.

To make sure that we’re in the best shape we can be to meet these future challenges and protect communities across Wales from flooding, our Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) team are looking to develop the next crop of flood risk management specialists.

We have four exciting 12 month paid placement opportunities available this September, for students who have recently graduated, or are undertaking a mid-year placement as part a relevant degree related to flood risk management.

What placements are available?

The placements will provide you with a valuable opportunity to work alongside our dedicated and experienced team of Flood Risk practitioners, and gain practical, hands on experience and knowledge in helping manage flood risk across Wales.

While you’ll spend most of your time in the hosting team, we will look to provide you with opportunities to spend time in other areas of FCRM, to  help broaden your understanding of how we manage flood risk and give you an opportunity to find out what you really enjoy and where you may want to target as a future career path.

We’ll also support you where we can, with your plans around any final year dissertation or research project you are planning, and have schemes in place that will support you in achieving professional qualifications through Institute of Civil Engineers and Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

Here’s some information about the teams hosting the placements and some examples of the type of work you’ll be involved in:

Asset Performance

We own and maintain around 4000 flood risk assets on the rivers and coastline of Wales. Flood risk assets include structures like flood embankments, walls and pumping stations. It’s the job of the Asset Performance team to make sure these assets are at their required condition and are providing the levels of protection required. The day-to-day work can include carrying out topographic surveys or maintaining our asset management database, AMX.

Natural Resources Wales / Asset Performance Team Member (Higher Education Placement)

Flood Risk Analysis (FRA)

 A key element of flood risk work is understanding the level of flood risk in Wales. We use mapping and modelling systems to support our decision making on where to build new flood schemes or to enhance existing flood defences. Once trained your role will involve using these flood risk modelling tools. You will also have an opportunity to see how this information is linked to areas such as the development and planning process.  

Natural Resources Wales / Flood Risk Analysis Team Member (Higher Education Placement)

Hydrometry and Telemetry (H&T)

The Hydrometry and Telemetry team provide a vital service to FCRM and to other teams across NRW. H&T operate an extensive network of hydrometric stations that monitor river levels across Wales. This “real-time” information plays a critical role in flood incident management, where it’s used to provide timely and accurate flood warnings to the public. Your main role will involve working on H&T system improvement projects. You will also have the chance to spend time in the field in understanding how the stations operate, as well carrying out channel flow measurements.

Natural Resources Wales / Hydrometry and Telemetry Team Member (Higher Education Placement)

Hydrology and water Resources

Our Hydrologists analyse the data collected by the H&T Team. They calculate flood flows for flood risk mapping, flood alleviation schemes and development planning.

The Geomophologists in the team are specialists in the interaction between river form, hydrology and ecology. They provide expert advice on everything from river restoration projects and flood risk activity permits to abstraction licences and natural flood management.   

Natural Resources Wales / Geomorphology - Hydrology and Water Resource Management Team Member (Higher Education Placement)

What are we looking for in potential candidates?

Richard Kelland, our  lead on skills and development in FCRM, shares what we’re looking for in potential candidates and passes on some advice in applying for the roles:

“We’re looking for enthusiastic and motivated people. You’ll have recently qualified in a relevant flood risk management related subject such as engineering, science or geography, or are looking for a year in industry as part of your studies. We want someone who can demonstrate their ability to work with a range of people that will provide mutual benefit to our teams and your development.

Make sure you take time over the application form. When it comes to completing the application try your best to find good, real-life examples to demonstrate how you satisfy the key competencies required”

Do you think you have what it takes to join #TeamNRW?

If you’re interested in a career in flood risk management and think you have what it takes to join our fantastic FCRM teams, we’d love to hear from you.

Applications close on April 10. 

If you have any questions about the placements, please get in touch with Richard Kelland at the following email address: richard.kelland@cyfoethnaturiolcymru.gov.uk

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