Illegal fishing prosecution after close cooperation between NRW, anglers and police

Two men were found guilty at Cardiff Magistrates' Court of illegal fishing charges on 2 July 2021 after being detained following close cooperation between Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Brecon Angling Society and Dyfed Powys Police.

Brothers Carlos and Dimitri Davies of Brecon were spotted fishing the River Usk in Brecon by a local angler in January 2021. Both men were known not to be members of Brecon Angling Society who hold the fishing rights for this stretch of the river and that they were fishing out of season.

The angler contacted an enforcement officer at NRW who, with the support of a police officer seconded to NRW, relayed the information to Dyfed Powys Police in Brecon. Officers were dispatched to the scene and subsequent enquires led to one of the men being detained within 30 minutes of the initial report and the identification of the other.

Cardiff Magistrates' Court found both men guilty of the charges and were fined a total of £264 each which included compensation, costs and a victim surcharge order.

Paul Frodsham, an NRW Enforcement Officer said, "The efficient way in which this offence was dealt with was only possible due to close cooperation between Brecon Angling Society, Dyfed Powys Police and NRW. A local angler reported the incident, Dyfed Powys Police responded immediately to investigate and detain, and we served the papers to the perpetrators and took them to court. We all had an essential role to play and we are grateful to everyone involved."
A Brecon Angling Society spokesperson said: “Brecon Angling Society are grateful for the vigilance of the local angling community and the swift action from NRW and Dyfed Powys Police in attending and resolving this matter.”
A Dyfed Powys Police spokesperson said: “Our officers attended to assist the NRW officer whilst he dealt with people who had been identified as being involved in the illegal fishing.
“As a result of excellent communication between all parties - officers, NRW and local bailiffs - we were able to achieve this successful result to combat illegal fishing on the River Usk in Brecon.”
NRW is committed to working with partners to protect the rivers of Wales. Anyone who spots illegal fishing taking place can call NRW’s Incident line on 0300 065 3000.