Licence issued for beavers release into Mid Wales nature reserve enclosure

A licence to release beavers into a secure enclosure at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve, near Machynlleth has been issued by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

The application to release up to six beavers into a purpose-built enclosure at the Mid Wales reserve was submitted to NRW by the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust who manage the land.

The beavers are being used as part of the management plan for the Cors Dyfi reserve. It is hoped the semi-aquatic mammal will help to restore the wetland habitat and boost other species by controlling tree and scrub growth and improve the condition of the lowland peat bog at the site.

The application was made to NRW as a species licence is required to release Eurasian Beavers into either an enclosure or into the wild in Wales. A public consultation was undertaken and following assessment of information supplied by the applicants and consultation responses received, NRW is satisfied that a licence should be issued.

The determination of the application included a range of assessments including that of the management operations, disease risk and site monitoring. Assessments were also made on the enclosure and its maintenance and the resources and procedures in place in the unlikely event of an accidental escape.

NRW is required to issue a licence if the applicant can show that the enclosure will be operated to appropriate standards and all the legal requirements will be met. A licence cannot be refused on the basis that there is opposition to the activity.

Gavin Bown Head of Place for Mid-Wales said:
“We appreciate the strength of feeling in favour and against releasing beavers into an enclosure in the Dyfi Estuary.
"Having looked carefully at the information provided with the application, we are confident that this application meets legal requirements and that we should issue the licence.
“Once the beavers are released into the enclosure, the applicant will be required to monitor the beavers and their impacts on the reserve."