Llyn Clywedog osprey nest cameras go live for 2023 season

Female osprey on her nest at Llyn Clywedog

The live-stream cameras set up to monitor the Llyn Clywedog osprey nest have gone live for the 2023 season.

The live-stream footage – facilitated by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) - has allowed captivated followers of the nest to view a nesting pair of ospreys and their attempts to rear chicks ever since it was launched in 2020 when the first Covid-19 lockdowns was announced.

One camera focuses on the nest while another takes a wider angle, enabling it to share footage of a nearby perch.

Solar panels installed before last year’s season will allow for 24-hour streaming from the nest. Infrared capability will also allow people to see the ospreys after nightfall.

Live footage from both cameras is available on YouTube by searching “Llyn Clywedog Ospreys”, or by using the following links:

John Williams, Technical Support Land Management for NRW said:

“We know that spring has sprung when it’s time for the ospreys return to Llyn Clywedog.

“While we hope for another successful season, we know that nature is unpredictable and that anything could happen. The only way to find out is to keep your eye on the live streams.”

The nest was built by NRW staff on a platform high up in a sitka spruce tree in 2014. It has proven to be a productive incubator over the years, with 21 chicks fledging the nest and migrating since it was built.

Ospreys are migratory birds that winter in Africa. Llyn Clywedog’s resident female is known to spend the winter in The Tanji Marsh in Gambia, West Africa.

Ospreys can rear up to three chicks in a season.

Llyn Clywedog is located at the NRW run Hafren Forest.