Marine licence issued by NRW for the Morlais tidal demonstration zone

After 2 years of robust assessment and several consultation processes, NRW has today issued a marine licence to Menter Môn Limited for a Tidal Demonstration Project called Morlais.

The project is for the installation and commercial demonstration of multiple tidal energy devices and will provide an area for the offshore development of renewable energy sources across 35km2 to the west of Anglesey.

The area will provide communal infrastructure for tidal technology developers with a shared route to a local grid connection. The project will be completed in phases which will require further monitoring and assessment before progressing.

Martin Cox, Head of Operations at NRW said:

“NRW has carefully considered a wide range of views raised throughout this process. All decisions for a marine licence are based on robust evidence and expert advice with extensive consultation. 
“The decision we have made will enable this development to take place in a sustainable way that provides safeguards for people, protected wildlife and other users of the sea.  We will continue to work with the developer to ensure compliance with those safeguards”.

Several technical assessments have been undertaken to ensure the consideration of pollution risks, impacts on other legitimate users of the sea, potential harm to the environment or human health, and to ensure that it meets robust regulation.