Natural Resources Wales to begin phased approach to car park re-opening

Image of an Natural Resources Wales vehicle on a road in the countryside

As part of the considered and planned approach to the longed-for re-opening of the Welsh countryside, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has today confirmed that it will begin opening some car parks at its sites across Wales from Wednesday 17 June.

Any decisions on which sites to open have been taken by local managers at NRW on a site by site basis and guided by the Welsh Government’s traffic light system.

Moreover, the decisions have been taken with the aim of providing the local community with more access to the countryside in coordination with local authorities and other partners.

The opening of the car parks will be phased and measured, and visitors are reminded that not all facilities will be available at each site. A dedicated web page will be launched on the NRW website on Wednesday 17 June which will provide information on the sites that are open and closed.

Inspections at car parks will continue over the coming days to ensure that the sites are prepared for the safe return of visitors travelling locally later this week.

Clare Pillman, CEO of Natural Resources Wales said:

The decisions around which car parks can reopen at this time have been made in line with the latest Welsh Government advice, and with full consideration of the need to maintain the safety of our visitors, staff and the local community at all times. This will always be our top priority.

The process of opening our car parks will be gradual and phased, and not all facilities will be opened at the same time. While using our car parks, and where footpaths and trails are open, we encourage visitors to respect one another and the local community by observing social distancing guidelines and protect the natural environment by following the countryside code.

The majority of NRW walking trails have remained open over recent months, but mountain bike trails, visitor centres and cafes will continue to be closed in line with government guidance.

These facilities will only open when NRW is sure it can be done safely, taking into account the Welsh Government’s phased approach to easing restrictions.

Clare Pillman added:

We know that many will be eager to return to visit all our sites, but we want to make sure that we approach that in the safest and most consistent way possible. Those decisions will be steered by the Welsh Government as we move through the stages of the traffic light system, and by effective partnership working across Wales.

NRW will continue to use this time to plan and prepare for the full reopening of our sites when government advice confirms it is safe to do so. For now, we still urge the people of Wales to stay local to keep our communities and Wales safe, and we look forward to welcoming visitors back to all our sites in the near future.