Need to register farm waste activity

All farmers who manage waste need to register or renew their waste exemptions with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in the next few months.

Most farmers last registered in 2016. But, as these were valid for three years, they are now about to expire and need to be renewed.

Other farmers may have changed working practices since then and need to register for the first time.

Registering ensures waste is dealt with in a way that does not harm people or the environment.

NRW wants to work with farmers and is making it as easy as it can to renew exemptions or register for the first time.

But it also reminds farmers that they would be committing a criminal offence if they carry out a waste operation without having an exemption or a permit.

It has devised a simple online system to make it as easy as possible for people to register. Most farmers’ existing exemptions will expire during September or October.

A waste exemption notifies NRW that a farmer may be handling waste, for example burning green waste or using construction waste on farm roads. 

Common agricultural activities which need to be registered include things such as building tracks with rubble, stone or woodchip, using tyres on top of silage sheets, using paper bedding or burning hedge cuttings.

NRW promotes best practice in farming, and can advise on practical, sustainable ways of working so that we all play our part in protecting the world we live in.

Helen Florek-Oughton, NRW Customer Hub Manager said:

“Farmers last registered their waste exemptions in 2016 and as these will be expiring soon, we’re reminding them to register again. 
“Registration is free and means that farmers will not need a permit to deal with some waste on their farm – it’s easy and free to register online.”

Register or renew your waste exemptions.

 NRW says it should take no more than around 15 minutes to complete the form.