Newtown businesses and residents asked to check oil tanks following oil leak into river

Newtown businesses and residents are being asked to check oil tanks for leaks following an incident of oil leaking into the Dolfor, a tributary which joins the River Severn in the town.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), has already made extensive investigations into the source of the leak and have ruled out many possible sources, but have not yet found the original cause.

David Lee, Team Leader of the North Powys Environment Team for NRW said:

“Despite the continuing efforts of our team on the ground, it has not yet been possible to identify the source of the oil leak into the Dolfor.
“In the meantime, our Integrated Workforce Team have placed an absorbent boom and pads in the tributary to soak up the oil and stop the oily sheen from spreading further.
“While we understand that the oil makes the river look unattractive, the environmental impact on the river system is relatively small, especially since we put measures in place to soak up the oil.
“From our investigation so far, we expect that the source of the leak is coming from the Park lane and Park road areas of the town, and from an underground source. This makes investigations into the cause of the leak difficult due to the specialist equipment needed to carry out the work.
“This is a leak that has been ongoing for some time, which means that people who hold oil at home are unlikely to have noticed a sudden drop in oil level. We are therefore asking any businesses or homes in parts of the town on Park Lane and Park Road in the town to check if they have a leak in their oil tanks or pipework and to report it to us.”

NRW are urging any residents or business owner who finds a suspected leak to report it to the Incident Control Centre on 0300 065 3000.