NRW pledges to fund and carry out repair to Rodney’s Pillar

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has pledged to fund and carry out repair work to a much-loved memorial in Mid Wales in partnership with the local community.

Rodney’s Pillar is a stone monument that stands on Breidden Hill near Welshpool. It was built in 1781–82 to commemorate the victory of Admiral Rodney over the French. It was built by the gentlemen of Montgomeryshire who supplied oak from the area and shipped it down the River Severn to Bristol where Rodney’s fleet was built.

NRW has already fenced off the pillar to ensure public safety as it is in poor condition and needs significant repair work. The fencing has been put in place to protect visitors from any debris that might fall from the monument.

Using a structural survey commissioned by NRW and the Save Rodney’s Pillar community group as part of the preparations, plans are already underway to restore the monument.

Rhys Jenkins, NRW's Land Management Team Leader for North-Mid Wales said: "Our priority is the safety of visitors to Rodney’s Pillar and the fencing will remain in place until the repair work has been completed.
“As a local in the area, I know that Rodney’s Pillar is a well known and loved landmark in the area. This work – as well as an ongoing maintenance program - will ensure its stability now and in the future.”
Bill Lee, Chair of the Save Rodney’s Pillar Charitable Trust said: “The Trustees are obviously very happy that NRW have taken the decision to fund and repair the Pillar but also as important is that they have committed to monitoring the Pillar’s condition going forward, therefore ensuring the future of the Pillar for generations to come, which was the main reason the Trust was set up and what we have been working towards.
“We would like to thank all those that have supported the Trust so far by raising money or awareness, it has been very much appreciated.”

NRW anticipates that the repair will take place in the summer of 2022, when the weather at the exposed spot allows. The work will take approximately four months to complete.