Partnership working helps protect communities and tackle crime

A multi-agency operation has taken place at the Port of Holyhead to tackle illegal activities.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) took part in Project Punctulate, led by the Border Force with support from the National Crime Agency, Immigration Enforcement, Counter Terrorism Policing, HM Revenues and Customs and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Officers from the various agencies monitored inbound and outbound traffic from ferries and carried out vehicle stops.

The operation, which took place between November 12 and 14, is part of a multi-agency approach targeting the movement of illicit commodities along Common Travel Area routes.

During the operation NRW provided advice and guidance to those with the lack of correct paperwork to support the shipment of waste.

Berwyn Williams, NRW’s Team Leader Industry and Waste Regulation for North West Wales, said:

“Our staff were involved in this operation to inspect vehicles where environmental offences were suspected, such as the transportation of waste products. This helped improve our intelligence picture, whilst identifying source and disposal sites for waste shipments and allowed us to provide advice and guidance to those carrying waste as part of their business.
“As well as reducing environmental crime, this work provides an opportunity to work in partnership with UK and local law enforcement and the Port of Holyhead to identify and tackle organised crime.
“This provides benefits in intelligence gathering and developing best practice and showcases multiple agencies working together for our communities.”