Pollution stopped at Newcastle Emlyn

As investigations continue into an incident which has been affecting the River Teifi near Newcastle Emlyn, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has confirmed that the pollution has now been stopped.

Yesterday, NRW officers were able to identify the source of the pollution to a nearby facility. Officers approached the company who were able to put emergency measures in place during the evening to prevent further pollution discharging into the Teifi.

Officers have returned to the site today to ensure that the short-term action has been effective, and to discuss long-term measures to prevent such an incident happening again.

Monitoring of the river continues as officers assess the impact of the pollution on the local environmental and wildlife.

Paul Gibson, Industry and Waste regulation team leader for Natural Resources Wales, said:

“We’re confident that we’ve found the source and put a stop to the discharge of pollution which has been affecting the River Teifi for a number of days.
“However, there could still be some effluent within the drainage system which could take time to work its way through the system. Our teams will continue to keep a close eye on water quality and any effects on wildlife.
“The company involved are cooperating with our enquiries as the investigation into why this happened continues. Once the investigation is complete, we’ll determine what further action needs to be taken and share more information when it’s appropriate for us to do so.”


31 July 2019

Teifi pollution source identified

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has identified the source of pollution which has been affecting the River Teifi near Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire.

Since the pollution was first reported on Sunday, officers have been working around the clock to isolate the source and attempt to stop further pollution impacting the river and its wildlife.

The investigation into the circumstances of the pollution remains ongoing. NRW is in contact with the company it believes is responsible and expects them to take action to stop the pollution.

NRW has confirmed that the pollution has not been caused by slurry or sewage.

Paul Gibson, industry and waste regulation team leader for Natural Resources Wales, said:

“The River Teifi is an incredibly important and sensitive river catchment, and also a Special Area of Conservation, so any pollution incident is disappointing.
“No dead fish have been confirmed as yet, but while the investigation continues, we’re closely monitoring the river for any signs of fish or wildlife in distress.
“We’re also taking samples of the pollution to help us better understand how the pollution has happened, and for evidence should we have a case to take enforcement action against those responsible.
“If anyone sees any further signs of pollution in the area they should report it immediately to our incident hotline on 0300 065 3000.”