Review underway to better understand algal blooms in the Wye

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is carrying out a detailed review of data to better understand the causes of increased algal blooms in the river and to inform a plan to improve river health.

Water sampling data from the last 12 years is being used to understand trends in water quality and to better understand the cause of the greater than usual algal blooms seen in the river.

Ann Weedy, Mid Wales Operations Manager for Natural Resources Wales said:

“People throughout the Wye catchment care deeply about the river, and rightly so.
“We are carrying out a detailed piece of work to better understand which combination of factors are causing the increased algal blooms.
“The review will look at all factors that can cause algal blooms including nutrient levels in the river from the last 12 years as well as looking at how changes in land use and agricultural practices may have affected the river.
“We will consider these findings alongside other factors that contribute to causing algal blooms including water temperature and river flow.
“This is a complex issue which has no single solution, but we are committed to protecting and improving the health of rivers across Wales including the Wye.”

NRW will publish a plan to improve the health of the river based on the review.