Rhyslyn tree felling update

Tree felling work at the Rhyslyn area of Afan Forest has faced delays due to a combination of the poor weather we’ve been experiencing, contractor availability, and the contract in place for the work expiring.

We are looking at all options to get a new contract in place and to get this work completed as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we will be upgrading the forest road network.

Footbridge reopening

We will reopen the footbridge from Afan Visitor Centre in the coming weeks. The River and Railway walk will also be available, as will access back to Abercregan from the Afan Visitor Centre. Attached is a map that contains the route highlighted in orange. Once we have a set date for these re-openings, we will let you know.

Rhyslyn Riverside Walking Trail

The tree felling work that has taken place over the Rhyslyn Riverside walking trail and the mountain bike trails, namely ZigZags on the Y Wal trail and Rookie Blue, has caused a significant amount of damage to these trail surfaces.

There are large trees and branches across the routes that are causing public safety concerns. We also have to wait until all tree felling work has been completed on site before we can reinstate the trails and install all trail infrastructure such as way markers posts.