Surveys to take place at internationally important sites in North East Wales

Vegetation surveys of Llandegla Moor and Ruabon and Llantysilio Mountains will take place this summer to help guide the future management of these internationally important sites.

The National Vegetation Classification survey of Llandegla Moor Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Ruabon and Llantysilio Mountains, that are part of the Ruabon and Llantysilio Mountains and Minera SSSI, will provide Natural Resources Wales (NRW) officers with the most current and up-to-date insight into the flora and vegetation in the areas.

The survey’s information will also highlight any changes that have occurred and guide future management of the sites to better suit the wildlife and people.

Llantysilio Mountain saw up to 250 hectares of its area damaged in the 2018 wildfire. The survey will cover the recent burn areas and will help inform how the mountain is continuingly recovering from the devastating wildfire.

Llandegla Moor SSSI and Ruabon and Llantysilio Mountains and Minera SSSI form part of the wider Berwyn a Mynyddoedd De Clwyd /Berwyn and South Clwyd Mountains Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The surveys will be completed by JBA Consulting with the aid of NRW officers and local landowners.

Rhys Ellis, NRW Environment Team Leader for Denbighshire, said:

“The crucial information gathered from these planned surveys on Llandegla Moor and Ruabon and Llantysilio Mountains will help guide the future management of the sites. “The flora and vegetation found on these sites helps to alleviate flood risk by retaining water on the uplands, store carbon and supports a range of invertebrates and mammals, as well as providing habitat for endangered bird species such as black grouse, hen harriers and curlews.  “As we continue to combat the climate crisis the information will also allow us to manage the site in a manner that will aim to lessen the potential for further wildfires like the devastating one experienced on Llantysilio Mountain in 2018.”

More information about the recent habitat management work on Llantysilio mountain.