Trefnant Community Fishery boosted by new arrivals

The fishing community in the village of Trefnant in Denbighshire are set to benefit from a boosted fish population following the relocation of carp from Gresford Lake to the Trefnant Community Fishery.

Officers from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have been working to relocate a portion of the lake’s carp population as part of an effort to ease the demand for food and oxygen in the lake, whilst also improving access to recreational angling opportunities elsewhere in North East Wales.

Funded by NRW’s Sustainable Fisheries Project the carp were health-checked in November to ensure they were free of parasites and disease prior to their transfer on 25 March. The move will help deliver a healthier population of fish with enough resources to survive comfortably throughout the year.

Richard Pierce, NRW Senior Fisheries Officers, said:

“We are glad to be able to ease the demand for food and oxygen at Gresford Lake whilst also improving access to recreational angling opportunities at Trefnant Community Fishery.
“This fish relocation benefits the community in Gresford by reducing the risk of fish kill due to over-population. It also benefits Trefnant’s anglers by providing a boost to the number of carp to fish for.
“Being outside in nature is so important for us all. We hope this fish relocation will encourage more young people to join the Trefnant Community Fishery club and get into fishing.”

Craig Smallwood, Membership Secretary for Bodelwyddan Coarse Anglers, said:

“NRW have assisted us greatly, not only with fish for the community fishery but with other issues as well. We look forward to continuing our close working relationship in the future.”

For further information about the Sustainable Fisheries Project or how your local community might be able to create their own community fishery, please email