Wales Flood Map upgrades complete

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has launched an update to its online flood mapping service that improves the previous viewer, the maps ease of use and adds an option to use it in Welsh.

The last upgrade was carried out in 2020 and added a wealth of new flooding information with the aim to provide better flood risk data as extreme weather events become more frequent due to the climate emergency.

This latest improvement has added additional coastal erosion risk data as well as several features aimed to improve usability and consistency with other flood mapping products.  

The flood risk elements in the mapping tool are already widely used by the risk assessment industry, risk management authorities, Welsh Government, academics and the general public to help protect over 240,000 properties that are at risk of flooding in Wales, 1 in every 7 in the country.

The map considers the risk of flooding from rivers, surface water, the sea and smaller watercourses categorised into locations of high, medium and low areas of risk. It also displays extra information, such as flood defence locations and the local flood risk reduction benefits they bring.

The data underpinning the maps can also be used to predict the cost effectiveness of flood prevention schemes, predict how climate change and population growth can affect the likelihood of flooding and explore ‘what if’ scenarios based on extreme weather events.

Mark Pugh, principal advisor for flood risk analysis at NRW, said:

“Flooding can devastate communities which is why we have a number of resources available to help warn and inform the people and businesses of Wales where there is a risk of flooding.
“Our flood risk map has been used for years to determine flood risk, develop flood management plans and help keep the public informed on this very important subject.
“The new coastal data being added will bring more important content to our maps and the new usability elements will ensure this information is just a few clicks away for everyone in both English and Welsh.”

The upgraded map will be live from June 26, 2023 and can be found on the NRW website.