Working in or around a river: temporary measures for floods in Wales

In response to the unprecedented weather and flooding, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have implemented support for emergency repair work in or near Main rivers.

For urgent repair work on structures on a Mainriver watercourse in Wales, please contact your local Development and Flood Risk Team as they may require a Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP).

However, NRW may be able to use an Exclusion to authorise temporary emergency works by telephone and or email.

Permanent solutions beyond emergency works may require a usual FRAP application at a later date.

Please speak to your local Development & Flood Risk Team team before your start any proposed emergency work on 0300 065 3000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or by e-mail:

North and Mid Wales (Anglesey; Glaslyn; Clwyd, Conwy; Dee; Dovey; Severn):

South Wales (Rheidol, Ystwyth; Wye; Teifi; Cleddau; Tywi; Loughor; Tawe, Neath; Taff; Usk)

For more information on FRAPs, visit the website