Fishing using landing nets, keepnets, keepsacks, gaffs and tailers

Landing nets

Your landing nets must not have any knotted meshes or meshes of metallic material.



  • must not have any knotted meshes or meshes of metallic material
  • must not have any holes in the mesh larger than 25mm internal circumference
  • must be at least 2.0m in length
  • must have supporting rings or frames any more than 40cm apart (excluding the distance from the top frame to the first supporting ring or frame)


  • must have supporting rings no less than 120cm in circumference



  • must be constructed of a soft, dark coloured, non-abrasive, water permeable fabric
  • must have dimensions of at least 120cm by 90cm if rectangular, or 150cm by 30cm by 40cm if used with a frame or designed with the intention that a frame be used


  • no more than one fish to be retained in a single keepsack at any time


These byelaws do not apply to keepnets or keepsacks used for retaining eels which have been legally taken by instruments other than rod and line.

Gaffs and tailers

The use of a gaff or a tailer is prohibited at all times when fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or freshwater eels.

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