New 2024 Licence Allocation Procedure for the Dee Estuary Cockle Fishery opens 22 January

Commercial cockle fishers who wish to join a list for the potential opportunity of being issued a permanent or short-term license, and/or endorsee for the Dee Estuary Cockle Fishery are being invited to submit their applications from 22 January.

The list is used as a method of ranking applicants on their eligibility to commercially harvest cockles.

To join the list, the person applying must submit a full range of evidence demonstrating their suitability as well as documenting their commercial capability.

If the evidence submitted meets the criteria and the application is successful, they will be allocated a position on the list which will remain valid until December 31, 2027.

To find a guide on how to apply, please go to our website: Natural Resources Wales / Dee Estuary cockle fishery licence application: what to prepare

This has the full information of what is needed as part of the application with all applications needing to be submitted by 1 March 2024.

The application will be assessed by the NRW cockle management team.

More information on the Dee Estuary Cockle Fishery can be found here: Natural Resources Wales / Dee Estuary Cockle Fishery Order (2008) management plan

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