Access our data, maps and reports

We have two data categories:

  • open data
  • sensitive data

Open data is free data that anyone can view, re-use or re-publish provided that the original source is attributed. We make this data available under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

We are continuously publishing more of our data as Open Data to benefit our customers, the environment and economy.

For some data, we have to restrict access due to data protection, legal or other reasons. These data are available under a conditional data licence.


You can download our published Open Data from DataMapWales. Some data can also be viewed and combined with other data from the catalogue on the DataMapWales viewer.

Welsh Government provide DataMapWales in combination with other public sector partners. It presents geographic information and tools with a focus on Wales.

NBN Atlas Wales

We publish most of our ecology data, such as species and habitats, on the NBN Atlas Wales.

NRW ecological data exempt from general release under EIR explains why some data are only available under a conditional data licence.

Please refer to the NBN Atlas Video tutorials if you are a first time user of the site.

Map viewers

You can view selected data on our map viewers, such as river levels.

Please use the flood risk map viewer to check your long-term risk of flooding from rivers and sea, surface water and reservoirs.

Data can also be viewed on the Lle Map browser.

National River Flow Archive

River flow data are available on the National River Flow Archive

If any Wales data you require are not available on this website please contact: Please let us know the time period and level of detail required (eg daily totals) when you make the request.

Live data API portal

Data developers can download our Open Data APIs from the Natural Resources Wales API Portal.

Available API data sets: 

  • Flood Risk Forecast API (Open Data) - gives the indication of the potential for flooding five days ahead
  • Live Flood Warnings and Alerts API (Open Data) - provides a list of all current warnings in force and is updated every 15 minutes
  • River Levels API (Open Data) - provides information on sea levels, rainfall and river levels at our measurement stations across Wales

Flood data products including flood models

These are typically requested for use in flood risk assessments or flood consequence assessments.

We can also provide flood risk reports for insurance purposes.

Please contact us for bespoke data, models and reports.

Raw data is available from Lle Geo-Portal: NRW open flood data.


Search our reports or contact our library by email

Search for data and find out if it is open or sensitive

Use our library catalogue. Select the search box on the left hand menu and choose dataset titles. 

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